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These are just some of the perennials you can find at Windy Ridge Greenhouse. Please visit us to see the full inventory.

Shrubs and Grasses

Butterfly Bush Buzz Hot Raspberry

Buddleia Buzz Hot Raspberry

3' wide and tall, this plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds but is deer resistant.

Butterfly Bush Monarch Prince Charming

Buddleia Monarch Prince Charming

Fragrant, cherry-pink flowers appear mid-summer just as other plants are beginning to fade. 3-4' tall and 3 feet wide, they make a nice background for other perennials.

False Indigo Solar Flare Prairieblues

Baptisia Solar Flare Prairieblues

Elegant spikes of pea flowers emerge brilliant yellow and fade to deep orange as they age. Excellent, easy perennial for back of the border. Combines well with most American native species and blends well with grasses for meadow gardens. Nice cut flower. 3-5' tall and wide.

Feather Reed Grass Karl Foerster

Calamagrostis Karl Foerster

Clumps of narrow leaves reaching 18-36" tall are dwarfed by flower stems which rise to 5' tall in summer bearing feathery flower spikes.Flowers are followed by golden seeds which mature to tan. Seeds often persist into winter. Seeds are sterile.

Fountain Grass Karley Rose

Pennisetum orientale Karley Rose

'Karley Rose' is distinguished by having deeper green foliage, darker, smoky rose-purple flower spikes that are larger and fuller.A longer bloom period extends into September. It also has better winter hardiness. 3-5' tall and wide.

Hardy Pampas Grass

Erianthus Ravenne

With foliage that reaches 5 feet tall and plumes that tower to 8-12 feet, Hardy Pampas Grass is an ideal grass to make a living windbreak or screen. It also provides excellent winter interest in the landscape. Trim the foliage back in the spring before the new growth begins.

Herbaceous Perennials

Barrenwort Amber Queen

Epimedium Amber Queen

Barrenwort performs best in part to full shade. It has a long blooming season and the foliage creates a dramatic impact all year long. Growing only 1-2' tall but 2-3' wide, it can be used as a ground cover or under planting for shrubs.

Bee Balm Fireball

Monarda Fireball

Nicely compact, Fireball bee balm blooms mid-summer with spikes of bright red flowers. Foliage is resistant to mildew. Will attract hummingbirds and butterflies, but will be deer and rabbit resistant. 1-2' tall and 1.5-2' wide

Bee Balm Pink Lace

Monarda Pink Lace

Dark red stems hold up the large, bright pink blossoms to the delight of hummingbirds and butterflies. Fragrant foliage and edible flowers add to its interest. Good resistance to powdery mildew. 14-16" tall and 18-23" wide.

Black-eyed Susan Goldilocks

Rudbeckia Goldilocks

A favorite Black-eyed Susan for cut flower gardening. With its fully double blooms on long, sturdy stems, Goldilocks offers a long bloom season and a long lasting cut flower. 15-18" tall and 8-12" wide

Black-eyed Susan Marmalade

Rudbeckia Marmalade

Lower growing than some of its cousins. Marmalade offers a warm and inviting shade of orange on large daisy like blooms. Marmalade tolerates partial shade, but will thrive in full sun. 1-2' tall and 1-2' wide

Blanket Flower Goblin

Gaillardia Goblin

Extremely heat and drought tolerant, once established. Showy banded flowers cover this plant from early summer into fall. A perfect addition to patio containers for summer color. 1' tall and 1.5' wide.

Herbaceous Perennials

Butterfly Weed

Asclepias tuberosa

Vivid orange blooms on easy to grow, long blooming natives are magnets for Monarch butterflies. 1-2.5' tall and 1-1.5' wide.

Catmint Walker's Low

Nepeta Walker's Low

Attractive crinkled blue-green foliage with a profusion of lavender-blue flowers that bloom in the spring. After first flush of flowers, cut back for another round of blooms . Drought tolerant and deer resistant. 2-2.5' tall and 2.5-3' wide

Columbine Biedermeier Mix

Aquilegia Biedermeier Mix

Easily grown in full sun to part shade. Remove flowering stems after bloom to encourage additional blooms. One of the early blooms that attract migrating hummingbirds. 1-1.5' tall and .75-1' wide.

Columbine Canadensis

Aquilegia Canadensis

This beautiful woodland native attracts a variety of pollinators. Will grow in well-drained soil in full sun to shade. Will self-seed freely. Small black seeds are easy to collect and replant in a new location. 2-3' tall and 1-1.5' wide.

Coneflower Butterfly Julia

Echinacea Butterfly Julia

This compact, yet sturdy, well branched plant supports single, tangerine orange blooms. Preferring well drained soil and full sun, they will brighten any garden spot. 15-18" tall by 18-24" wide.

Coneflower Kismet Intense Orange

Echinacea Kismet Intense Orange

Intense orange blooms keep coming from early summer until frost. Ideal for adding to a cutting garden. Deer resistant and drought tolerant. 16-18" tall and 18-24" wide.

Herbaceous Perennials

Coneflower Magnus

Echinacea Magnus

Native to central US, the showy daisy-like purple coneflowers bloom throughout the summer. Good for fresh cut or dried flowers. Dead flower stems in the winter will be visited by goldfinches and other birds to feed on seeds. 2.5-3' tall and 1-1.5' wide,

Coneflower Somberero Baja Burgundy

Echinacea Sombrero Baja Burgundy

Sombrero's vibrant colors are matched by its exceptional winter hardiness and excellent branching. Thrives in full sun or light shade. Plant in masses to attract hordes of butterflies and hummingbirds. 18-20" tall and 22-24" wide.

Coneflower Sombrero Lemon Yellow Improved

Echinacea Lemon Yellow Improved

These coneflowers make a bold statement in any garden with their vivid yellow petals and golden center. They are excellent cut flowers. Beginning to bloom mid-summer, they will continue for months. Dried seed heads add interest to the winter garden and provide food for birds. 18-20" tall and 22-24" wide.

Cranesbill Orkney Cherry

Hardy Geranium Orkney Cherry

Hardy Geranium Orkney Cherry is known for attracting bees, beneficial insects, butterflies/moths, and other pollinators with its nectar rich flowers. Thriving in shade, their bright pink flowers offer a long season of beauty. Deadheading regularly helps to prolong bloom. 10-12" tall and 12-14" wide.

Creeping Phlox Spring Hot Pink

Phlox subulate Spring Hot Pink

A vigorous, spreading, mat-forming, and sun-loving phlox that grows only 6" tall but spreads up to 2'. Will tolerate hot, dry locations once established. Cut back by 1/2 after flowering to stimulate denser growth and a possible light rebloom.

Dianthus Frosty Fire

Dianthus Frosty Fire

These hardy perennials are a relative to the carnation. Fragrant double blooms appear in spring or early summer. Grows well in full sun or part shade. 12" tall and 14" wide.

Herbaceous Perennials

Dianthus Snow Angel

Dianthus Snow Angel

White blooms are whimsical and deeply cut. Blooms spring to early summer. 12-15" tall and 12-14" wide.

Foamflower Lehigh

Tiarella Lehigh

This evergreen plant is perfect as a ground cover, border or in a container. Likes shade to partial shade. Airy white blooms appear in spring and float above the apple green leaves with deep maroon center markings. 4-6" tall and 6-12" wide.

Gaura Passionate Blush

Gaura Passionate Blush

This compact perennial's new growth is burgundy with masses of ruby colored buds on short, dark red stems which open to deep pink blossoms from spring to fall. 2' tall and wide.

Hellebore Night Coaster

Hellebore Lenten Rose Night Coaster

An herbaceous evergreen perennial that prefers shade to partial shade. It features black cup-shaped flowers with yellow eyes that appear in late winter to early spring. 16" tall and 18" wide.

Hosta Appletini

Miniature or Dwarf Hosta Appletini

This dwarf hosts starts out in the spring bright yellow changing to apple green in the summer. Pale purple flowers on 9" scapes appear in late summer. 8" tall and 18" wide. 

Hosta Blue Angel

Hosta Blue Angel

Blue Angel is a giant, blue-leaved hosta that grows in a mound to 3' tall and 4' wide. White flowers appear in early fall that attract pollinators.

Herbaceous Perennials

Hosta Designer Genes

Hosta Designer Genes

Designer Genes forms a medium sized mound of bright yellow leaves with showy bright red petioles. Later in the season, the leaves mellow to a chartreuse green color. 18" tall and 12" wide.

Hosta Patriot

Hosta Patriot

A medium-sized hosta with mid-green leaves and bold white margins. Lavender flowers appear in July. Easily divided in spring  or fall. 21-23" tall and 35-47" wide.

Larkspur Blue Butterfly

Delphinium Blue Butterfly

Plants bloom early summer. They are heavy feeders and benefit from the addition of hummus to the soil. More tolerant of dry soils than other larkspurs. 12-14" tall and 12-18" wide.

Larkspur Magic Fountain Mix

Delphinium Magic Fountain Mix

Elegant but sturdy flower spikes are densely packed with pastel flowers. Blooming for weeks from late spring to late summer. Grow in full sun to part shade. 2-3' tall and 15-18" wide.

Larkspur Summer Night

Delphinium Summer Night

Like Larkspur Blue Butterfly, Summer Night bears loose sprays of single spurred flowers throughout the summer. Deadheading promotes repeat blooming. May self-sow. Like all Larkspurs, hummingbirds may be frequent visitors. 10-12" tall and 10-12" wide.

Oriental Poppy Brilliant


Large scarlet-orange flowers in spring. Plants will go dormant in summer, so mix these plants into the middle of beds with tall perennials to cover up the browning foliage. 32-36" tall and 24" wide.

Herbaceous Perennials

Red Hot Poker Flamenco

Knipfofia Flamenco: Torch Lily;  Tritoma

Orange and yellow tubular flowers adorn these plants from early to late summer. Drought, deer and rabbit tolerant but attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.2-3' tall and 18-24" wide.

Russian Sage Little Spire

Perovskia Russian Sage Little Spire

A compact, erect, multi-stemmed deciduous perennial with small violet-blue flowers and aromatic gray-green leaves blooms for weeks from mid-summer to fall. This short Russian Sage does not flop over as do most other Russian Sages. 18-24" tall and 18-24" wide.

Salvia May Night

Salvia May Night

May Night blooms prolifically with deep purple-blue flowers. An excellent perennial for cold hardiness, vigor and tolerance of heavy clay soils. Blooms in late spring and reblooms with deadheading and extra watering. 18-24" tall and 18-24" wide.

Shasta Daisy Snowcap

Leucanthemum Shasta Daisy Snowcap

Well drained soil is essential for daisies in the winter. Will tolerate some light shade, particularly in hot summer climates or when grown in dryish soils. Excellent for cutting or use in mixed containers. Removing faded flowers will extend the blooming time. 12-14" tall and 12-18" wide.

Speedwell Royal Candles

Veronica spiccata Royal Candles

One of the showiest, longest blooming selections in the speedwell group. Easily cultivated in sun to part sun locations. Blooms from late spring to mid-summer. Attractive to butterflies. 10-12" tall and 12-15" wide.

Tickseed Mercury Rising & Sunfire

Coreopsis Big Bang Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising (pictured above) is cold-hardy, color-fast, and vigorous. 15-18" tall and 2-3' wide. Sunfire (not pictured) has golden yellow petals with burgundy red centers. Both bloom from early summer into fall. Sunfire is 12-18" tall and 18-24" wide.